Text Box: Starr 4 Congress 
“We’re All Doomed, Remain Hopeful.”                                              Stuart Starr for US House of Representatives 2nd District Tennessee

“ I am more comfortable behind the camera then in front of it . Politics is perhaps the worst form of narcissism.”  Says Congressional Candidate Stuart Starr

             I am running to give the voters a choice. So often I hear a call for term limits for Congress, or a call for an end to career politicians and polls show voters approval for Congress is in the teens. Yet 95% or more of all members of the House are reelected. Many House races in the United States are uncontested. So the voters when they go to the polls have no choice for Congress. Instead of letting Representative Duncan run unopposed I choose to run for the seat. I entered the race for Second District US House of Representatives against Representative Duncan with my eyes wide open. I understood that the seat had been in the Duncan family hands for 50 years, and that the Duncan's were Tennessee royalty. Perhaps that is why my campaign slogan is "We're all doomed, remain hopeful."

                People say that the system is rigged and it may be as I have little chance of being elected.  Instead I say my candidacy proves the system still works and proves the United States is the greatest nation on earth. Most people believe you need to be wealthy or from a well connected family to run for Congress. I am neither. I probably have the least financial net worth of anyone running for Congress in the United States this cycle. Like most American's I understand economic insecurity and living paycheck to paycheck. In an election year featuring a call by the voters for "outsiders" I am the ultimate outsider. However, I am a qualified outsider having been a technology business owner, educator and possessing a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Finance Management from East Tennessee State University. I, like most of you, have watched the political system from the sidelines. Technology and social media now allow even long shot candidates' opportunities that did exist even a decade ago. For this campaign I have created my own vintage looking web page, I post videos featuring my views on YouTube and have an active Facebook page. I do all this myself. In an election cycle, where people are looking to outsider alternatives to our current Federal leadership I present myself as the Democratic Party candidate for the Second Congressional District of Tennessee. I call myself a working class, libertarian, Democrat. I am the alternative to a continuation of 50 years of Duncan family ownership of this district seat.



Why I am running for the US House of Representatives

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